We’ve been busy at Calypso!

It's Turkey time at Calypso Cafe!
We're currently taking orders for our delicious rotisserie turkeys - hand-rubbed and slow-roasted -
we sell out every year. Go ahead and place your order today!
To order, email kelly@calypsocafe.com.
Turkey Time

Visit Our New Charlotte Avenue location!
Visit us at our newest location at 3307 Charlotte Avenue, near the West End connector.

Introducing the Calypso Cafe Pinterest Page

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We've launched our Pinterest page with boards on Healthy Eating, Healthy Recipes, Fitness, Managing Stress and Quotes. Please follow us - we would love to have you! If you have any ideas or suggestions for new boards, please let us know. We want our Pinterest page to be a place where you can gather helpful tips and ideas on what's important to you - our wonderful customers!  Eat Better, Be Better, GIVE Better!

Click here for GOOD FOR KIDS guidelines.

Good For KidsCalypso Café Is proud to introduce GOOD FOR KIDS items to its Kids Menu.
If you see the GOOD FOR KIDS symbol (at left) on our menu items, you'll know that it is a healthy option for your child - low in calories, fat and sodium.

Click here for GOOD FOR KIDS guidelines.

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We have updated nutritional information and ideas to help you

We LOVED the ideas that you shared with us for healthy living in our
facebook contest!

Here are some of our favorites:

"My biggest motivation for weight loss/fitness is utilizing my network of friends for support! It helps to have a workout buddy and DEFINITELY a friend who also wants to eat healthy. My coworkers at work are bad influences- on a daily basis, I am asked if I want to go get Taco Bell, McDonalds, and a myriad of other BAD food options. I am going to find someone who has the same goals as me, so that we can motivate each other to make good decisions!"

"I've started skipping the Boija Muffins and get a side salad now with my quarter chicken... I miss the muffins, but man-oh-man, is that salad good!"

"I’ve been on a diet for a few years now... to date I’ve lost a total of 150lbs! I found one of the biggest things that’s helped me on this long journey is to log everything I eat, so I can be accountable for it. I really love using www.myfitnesspal.com to track everything because they have a pretty extensive food catalog on there (mostly user entered). They even have nutritional info for a lot of Calypso Cafe items! Of course I always go light on the cheese and sour cream when I eat there, but your black bean salad with white meat chicken has definitely opened up my options fast food wise. I can eat out with my boyfriend and not worry about my waistline!"

"A nice long run at Centennial park followed by a trip to the Calypso on Elliston for the beans and three plate... I normally get sweet potatoes, house salad, and muffins for my sides :)"

"A strong workout followed by Lucayan Salad is the best balance. Healthy, nutritious and delicious!"

"Calypso food fits in so well with a plant based whole foods diet. I feel so healthy (and super full!) after eating a plate of black beans, callaloo, and sweet potatoes. Yum! The bean salad would also fit in perfectly."

"I've started walking twice a day from the Riverfront across the Shelby Street bridge and around the stadium. Add a black bean salad from Calypso to my day, it definitely qualifies as a good day!"

"You all have so many great options! Enjoyed the chicken breast sandwich/pita, black beans, and house salad for lunch today. The lite honey lime and lite vinagrette sauces are the best! Thanks, Calypso."

"It is nice to know when I am out and about I can come to Calypso Cafe and get a healthy meal. I not stuck get just another grilled chicken salad, which seems to be what most other restaurants offer as a healthy choice. I can get a chicken quarter with black beans, and sweet potatoes. Plus my kids can get a healthy kids meal, instead of chicken tenders and fries. Thanks Calypso Cafe, I have enjoyed your food for 18 years now."

"I love the Lucayan Chicken salad!! It is so different from anyone else's chicken salad. Fresh green leaf lettuce, your chicken, almonds, and mandarin oranges. It taste so good I don't even have to use dressing!!"